The Tree of Life

Somewhere I read that this is Malick's personal offering. It sure reflects in the movie. The movie is certainly very personal. I don't  think Malick made this one to please his viewers or win any sort of awards. In this movie, we have got a director who just want to tell a story (maybe his own childhood's) in his own way by following his own mannerisms. 

When the director chooses this way of making a movie, it certainly demands a fair bit of compromise from the viewers' part. If that compromise is done the movie would seem astounding. 

Throughout the movie the protagonist constantly questions life and its creator or origin. Be that through the fantastic and mind-boggling visuals of creation of earth, volcanos, dinosaurs or through the dialogues by the characters; and along with that the viewers are compelled to do the same. 
The story is about three brothers and their relationship with each other and their parents. The story is quite simple; but the way it is shown is what the movie is all about. The protagonist, Jack, is the eldest brother and shares a frosty relationship with his Father (Brad Pitt). The story is shown through the eyes of young  and also adult (Sean Penn) Jack.
It was a certainly an accomplished performance from Pitt. He was fantastic with his emotional scenes with Hunter McCraken who made the young Jack so believable. Jessica Chastain excelled as the timid and caring mother. A little disappointed as Sean Penn had hardly any moments to show what he is capable of. 
This is a movie one shouldn't miss even though the impact of this movie can be of two extremes. 



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