There Will be Blood review

Credit goes to P.T Anderson for creating one of the most intense drama and also one of the greatest anti-hero on screen. "There Will be Blood" is one of those movies where you will just love to "hate" the main protagonist. Saying that, I would also like to add that a lot of people won't like it and it will remain a great Cult movie.

Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) is a businessman who has a oil-drilling company, and over the years he have become very successful. He has a son, who is actually one of his fellow worker's who have died during drilling. The movie is about, as it's tag line suggests, "where faith meets ambition". Plainview is one of the darkest character in movie history, and the movie portrays that. When he tries to buy a farm which had great prospects regarding oil, he meets Eli Sunday( Paul Dano) , who is a pastor at the local church, and the movie rolls on showing the differences between Eli and Plainview.

Daniel Day-Lewis. The man does it again. He shows every emotion that characterize Plainview in a wonderful way. The scenes at the climax, or where he is baptized, or talking about his ambition, those are absolute treat to watch. Though I am an ardent Johnny Depp fan and was fairly disappointed after he didn't win Oscar for "Sweenny Todd", but now after watching Day Lewis in this movie, I can hardly complain, and that's saying a lot. A little overshadowed, but equally good is the performance of Paul Dano's too.

The music of Jonny Greenwood has a haunting aspect in it.

Though the movie is a little slow paced and sometimes one will find themselves a little bored, but it's the acting of Daniel Day Lewis which compensate for all of those.



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