A Separation


A Separation

This is certainly one of those rare movies of recent times where both elements of the genre Drama and Mystery shine brightly. The movie starts off with the couple Nader and Simin asking for a divorce over a comparatively light-hearted issue. Slowly but extremely engagingly the movie revolves around serious and religious issues. 

The truly great facet about the movie's story is that it has sub-plots which are interleaved in a very deft manner such that those eventually accelerates the main plot, which is the separation or divorce of the two protagonists. The other aspect of the movie which really captivated me is the way the director showed the mystery part along with the social drama of relatively upper and lower class Iranian families. 
Surprising truths are unraveled in the way they should be in a good mystery movie. Kudos to Asghar Farhadi for blending that with the emotional elements like the problems and dilemma of Nader and Simin's daughter. This explains that not for nothing the screenplay of the movie got an oscar nod.

The performance the entire cast is brilliant and just what the situations, created in the movie, needed. From the girl who played Termeh and Shahab Hosseini who played the volatile husband of the maid who Nader hired for household jobs to the lead actors Leila Hatami(Simin) and Peyman Moadi(Nader), everyone more or less excelled in their respective parts. 

This movie is rich with many cinematic elements which make this a movie a movie-lover would not want to miss. 



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